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When I was born in Konstanz, a small town in southern germany, bananas were available again for the first time after the war.

As related by my parents, one year old I "committed" my first collage mixing milk and water.

Being thrown out of high school (subversive element) I tried to become a journalist. As it appears today I didn't try hard enough but good fortune made me find a place in some advertising agency in switzerland where I learned graphic designer. It goes without saying that during all that time I was also busy with painting and doing collages.

We are talking about the old stuff here, glue and scissors involved.

Later on I moved to Paris where I still live today, opening my own advertising studio.

Each time when frustration about the compromise demanding ad business became too great, I worked on my paintings to oercome the feeling.

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it was around 1993 when one of my business clients asked me how come that I didn't work on a computer yet and understanding the signal I started to familarize with the machine.

Scanning pieces of my earlier collage work and enhancing them in Photoshop were the first steps to become aquainted with the software.

During the last 5 years I spent all of my time creating images and for the first time "outed" myself with my work, mostly on the net. Today I'm still trying to make a living out of it.

One of the many things I learned during those years: the most important software is situated at the right side of your brain and called INSPIRATION.

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