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Daniel Brient

Escrito por Maldito Insolente el . Publicado en Plástica


Galería de imágenes del artista canadiense Daniel Brient

Página oficial del autor: Daniel Brient

Las obras de Daniel Brient

32 imágenes
Todas las imágenes © Daniel Brient

Date and place of birth : January 25, 1950 , Montreal, Qc, Canada

Studio Location : Montreal, Qc, Canada

Artistic studies :

- Complete Fine Art Program at Mission : Renaissance Fine Art School
Of Los Angeles, California, USA
- Several study trips to major North American and European Art Museums

Publications :

- Guide Vallee (guide to canadian artists)
- Guide Roussan (guide to canadian artists)
- Guide Magazinart (guide to canadian artists)
- Art Agenda Utilis
- A Dictionary of Canadian Artists at Aunction
- A Dictionary of Canadian Artists, McDonald, vol.2
- How Did You Paint That? 100 ways to paint still lifes and florals, vol.2, International Artist Publications
- Art Magazine « Le Collectionneur » - « Parcours - « Magazinart »
« International Artist » - « Fine Art Connoisseur »

Exhibitions :

- Collective exhibitions, Michel-Ange Art Gallery, Montreal, from 1983 to 2010
- Collective exhibitions, Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, San Antonio, Texas , 2012, 2013

Honors and Awards :

- Honorable Mention, International Salon 2004, Art Renewal Center, USA
- Finaliste, International Salon 2010-2011, Art Renewal Center, USA
- Finaliste, International Salon 2011-2012, Art Renewal Center, USA
- Finaliste, International Salon 2012-2013, Art Renewal Center, USA
- Selected, Salon 2012, Museum of Contemorary Masters of Fine Art, USA
- Top 60, Salon 2013, Museum of Contemorary Masters of Fine Art, USA
- The Larry Gluck Artistic Freedom Award, Los Angeles, USA, 2002

Art Teaching career :

-Mission : Renaissance Fine Art School, Montreal, Canada, from 1982 to 2010

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