Catherine Simpson

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Galería de obras del artista Catherine Simpson.

Catherine Simpson is emerging as a storyteller with children in the lead roles. Her predominant medium is watercolour as well as silverpoint and pencil drawings.

An appreciation for life's lighter side is easily ascertained when viewing her children studies.

It is with true feeling that Catherine portrays the simple message of the children that are depicted in each composition.

Catherine was born in London, Ontario, Canada, where she produces her "Forever Young" series of paintings. Her work enjoys a universal appeal, is appreciated by young and old alike and can be found in both corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States and internationally.

Participation in numerous gallery exhibitions and major juried art festivals has created a demand for her work resulting in a selection of limited edition prints, decorator prints and collector plates, figurines and the award winning Pine Ridge Art Catherine Simpson Forever Young Calendar.

Catherine is a self-taught artist whose artistic gift has been acknowledged during her career with Best in Show, Peoples Choice, and the Canadian Collectable of the Year nominations six times - and awarded twice.

Las obras de Catherine Simpson

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"I continue to try and capture those special memories of childhood that we can all share. Hopefully the stories I tell will trigger at least one personal memory for you, of your family or your own childhood days.

Rediscovering those special times in our lives should help to brighten up each and every day ahead ~ and remind us to let our hearts ~ Be Forever Young!

In the attic of every grownups head joyful memories of youth are safely tucked away waiting to be rediscovered. My art attempts to light the way."

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