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Galería de imágenes del artista Edgar Leissing.

Look at the collection of pictures and take notice of something. There are multiple optical constants. The expressions of the faces remain masculine with the dramatic wrinkle lines of the forehead and the arch of the nose. Of course there is also the receding hairline. They are coinciding with the less defined buttocks and feminine split but that’s not it. The entire arrangement is full of dull and obvious concepts of hybridization. Edgar Leissing not only presented this with awkward double jointed postures but also with shadows underneath.

With everything around contributing to the concept of hybridization from the masculine walls lined with purple a regal and feminine color to the electrical socket with only one output but the cords direction upward, everything masculine but in a subtle soft way visual hyperboles of man and woman.

Some of the pictures don’t exude to me the hybridization of the first and the bestiality of the boars head and peacock whiles the other present femininity. The monarch butterfly resting on the softness of woman’s breast with an emerald backdrop it doesn’t confuse the existence like the others even though the feet on the sapiens aren’t as feminine as the butterfly.

Las obras de Edgar Leissing


Todas las imágenes © Edgar Leissing

Or the bent over body with the pink hibiscus blooming from an anal garden is all feminine. From that point the artist exhibits the beauty and the art form of oral satisfaction with the male and feminine yen and yang connection.

Sometimes it’s the background that gives the foreground life. The colors collage together to provide a letivas status to the primary. It’s not always what the eyes see first but it’s the peripheral that proves the artist points.

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