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Celeste Giuliano

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Galería de imágenes de la fotógrafa Celeste Giuliano, especializada en la fotografía retro y principalmente pin ups.

World Renowned Vintage Styled Photographer

With a BFA in Photography, over 10 years experience as a photojournalist and a lifelong passion for retro pin-ups, Celeste Giuliano first offered the unique idea of vintage-styled portrait photography in 2005. Her business, Celeste Giuliano Photography, located in Philadelphia, PA was an immediate success and was featured in multiple publications and on television. Since then, she has become a pioneer in the new wave of pin-up artists and her studio has been recognized worldwide as a leader in vintage-styled portraits.

“I have always loved the sex appeal of the women from the 40's and 50's. The women featured in Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas paintings, as well as the Hollywood starlets of that era, were all glowing with beauty and confidence. During this period, it was more about engaging the viewer with a flirtatious smile, with the tease of a garter or with tantalizing curves. This is something women of all ages, shapes and sizes can experience, but rarely do in today’s world.

By giving the modern woman a place to discover these hidden joys, we also give them another reason to understand how glamourous and beautiful they are. And even though about 90% of our clients are ‘ordinary gals’ who have never posed for a professional photo before, there is a confidence level we can help bring out to make them feel like a pro. After all, my team and I at Celeste Giuliano Photography are ‘ordinary gals’ too and are committed in giving every woman that amazing one of a kind experience they deserve.”

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Las fotografías de Celeste Giuliano

108 imágenes
Todas las imágenes © Celeste Giuliano

Every woman deserves to be a Pin-up at least once in their life!

If you have ever dreamt of posing as a classic pin-up of the 1950's, a sultry vixen of the 1930's or 40's or a vamp of the 1920's, then here is your chance!

Since 2005, my team and I have transformed over 1800 everyday woman into sexy pin-ups! Celeste Giuliano Photography offers the best quality and most professional retro styled photography around.

Whether it’s your first time posing or you are a pro in front of the camera, we can help you feel comfortable, relaxed and confident. Your Experience™ is completely customized to create unique images that reflect you or your loved ones personality and interests.

The photos are a perfect gift for a birthday, holiday, wedding, anniversary or other special occasions. They are also a fun and unique way to document and celebrate milestone birthdays, new ventures, reaching weight loss goals, pregnancy, post pregnancy and new relationships. Plus, they make you feel sexy and give you the opportunity to pamper yourself for a day!

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