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Galería de imágenes de la fotógrafa Yaga Kielb.

Yaga, desde Rusia se dedica a la fotografía artística y al montaje digital.

Ella comparte como es que le encanta su trabajo: "He completado la fotografía tradicional y las clases de arte, pero lo que realmente estaba descubriendo eran las increíbles oportunidades en el mundo digital".

Su trabajo ha sido reconocido internacionalmente, y ha diseñado para los clientes de todo el mundo.

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In a nutshell, I heart design. In any shape or form.

I love anything and everything that is creatively innovative, beautiful and pleasant to the eye. Sometimes I judge books by the cover. And yes, sometimes I buy CD albums just because they have amazing cover artwork. There is nothing better than experiencing the awesomeness behind great ideas. I look for new inspiration everywhere, try to derive from what's around me.

Always felt entertained when creating. Fortunately never destroyed my parents' walls when drawing. Early enough I dived into the world of photography, photo collage and later - graphic design. I have completed traditional photography and art classes but what really got me was discovering the amazing opportunities of the digital world.

After graduating from a graphic design program I started working as an art director and designer. My work has been recognized internationally. I have designed for clients from all over the globe.

I am now in the process of developing my digital story. My motto is to have my eyes open wider, inhale everything that’s around, unleash the imagination and when everyone else is looking outside of the box, look inside of it.

You never know what you might find.

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