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Scott Church is a world renowned, internationally published, award winning fine art erotic portrait photographer. His work has been featured in dozens of media outlets and publications, including Penthouse Magazine, Playboy Magazine and, VH1, XXL Magazine, Latin Trends Magazine, The Science Channel’s “Odd Folks Home”,, Skin Too, Gothic Beauty, Secret Magazine, Leg Show, Men’s Health, Temptress Magazine, Retro Lovely, and Fine Art PHOTO Magazine, along with many others.

He has published eight books of his photography which have been sold all around the world.

His photography workshops in places like London, Dublin, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Seattle, the Dominican Republic and others have been sell-out events attracting dozens of professional and amateur photographers at every location.

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Even with all of these accomplishments, his day to day work is, by choice, with regular people, not professional models. He loves finding everyone’s beauty, no matter the subject, and he shows his clients the utmost devotion and respect everyday. He still chooses to base his studio in the same small town he grew up in, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and keeps his prices low to allow everyone to enjoy what he does.

Scott truly loves photographing people, and making them feel as perfect and beautiful as he possibly can.

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